Year= 2001
Month= August
Location= Jasper National Park
Time of Day= Around 5:00-5:30 pm
Weather= Sunny
Details= I was returning from a vacation in British Columbia and because the weather was so nice we (I was with 2 friends) decided to stop at one the roadside rest stops; just into Jasper National Park from Mount Robson Provincial Park. I was walking along in the ditch area beside the rest stop when I noticed what looked like a very large human footprint in the rocky soil. At first I thought it odd, then I began to think of the stories of the Sasquatch that everyone talks about. I must admit, I have never really believed in that sort of thing but seeing this huge footprint made me think about it all again. I wandered about the area for another 5 or 6 minutes, finding nothing else. I told my friends about it and they said that it must be a joke; something someone placed there. I suppose that is a possibility, I cannot say for sure. But it looked so 'real'. If I had to guess, I would say that the footprint was 40-45 centimeters in length. I could clearly see the impressions that the 5 toes had made.
I did have a camera with me, but it was packed away. At the time it did not seem like this footprint was important enough for me to rifle through my bags for the camera. I regret not doing that.

Report Submitted August 11, 2009
Name Withheld
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Additional info dated June 2009;

 " Posted: June 2009       
Not sure if anyone on here would be interested in this but here goes.

My girlfreind in Jasper Alberta called last night to tell me of some multiple
sightings last few days.She owns a business in Jasper
 and was talking to the RCMP last night.They have been called out to the
B.C./Alberta border( maybe 20 minutes west of Jasper)
 by people who have been whitnessing a sasquatch.
Sadly I am 8 hrs drive from there , otherwise I would be there NOW. I am a game guide in B.C. as well guide on the coast for sport fish."