"Another encounter was last year [2008] hunting in WMU 308 along 22x been hunting there in the same spot for many years, and a rancher down there swears that he know where they live. Anyhow are camp is approx 4 miles south of this rancher, here's what happened. We took are camp in and left the wall tent laying unfolded on the ground and went up the cutline approx 400 yrds to collect a truck load of wood for the stove and when we came back there was these huge foot prints all over the tent (muddy footprints) it's like this thing was watching us. During that night we layed in are cots staring and trying to figure out what kind of tracks these where, then about 11:00 pm this huge ugly screaming noise lets out. I tell you, it sure makes me think fellows, them tracks are still on that tent ceiling, and I should take a picture of them before they fade away."

Posted on a Alberta hunting forum, - 2009 and quoted from:
ASSR Note:  This  Individual, had an earlier encounter:

ASSR Note:   [refer to Part VI Sasquatch Behavior: Responses to Humans,.. of Wildlife Biologist Dr. John Bindernagels 1st Book, N.A. Great Ape the Sasquatch.