Anthropology Project

Sasquatch in Alberta

Begins Fall 2015
2 year project

People with Sightings or Occurances can participate
by supplying contact info and occurance to:

Responses coming in, .. on file:

"I would like to relate my Sasquatch on a Trail Cam photo"  - Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

"It would be a pleasure to be part of a real Scientific work (sighting)" - Calgary, Alberta

"I have a Clacking experience in sets of 3 with a 11" juvenile track found,.. for the student" - RMH, Alberta

"You may pass along my contact info to these Anthropologists (Sighting)" - Calgary, Alberta

"Thanks for the info, .. I'd be glad to share my story (whoop & snow tracks)" - Medicine Hat, Alberta

"Happy to help the Student, please pass along my email and cell # .." - Calgary, Alberta

"I have a late night sighting (in Edmonton City Limits) in Moonlite on the North Sask Rr, and a track find" - Mundare, Alberta

"I would be happy to participate with the student" ( Juvenile Sighting in Calgary City Limits) - Calgary, Alberta