Posted on a Alberta hunting forum, - 2009 and quoted from:

"I too have a story, second hand, but still..

Three neighbours were out cougar hunting about 12 years back on the North Fork Road west of Rocky. They were tenting for the night near the headwaters of a stream and after dark came they started hearing some "Deep screams" from across the pond, logs being pushed over and splashes in the pond. Being that they were cougar hunting, they did have a couple dogs with them, and after the sounds got louder and closer the dogs were let go. The following rucus lasted within earshot for about 15 minutes before the dogs and the "intruder" went over the hillside. The next two days was spent looking for the dogs and for sign of what had been there the night before. Nothing could be found  of sure sign or of the dogs.

A week and a half later while travelling on the trunk road one of the guys came across one of the two dogs with it's feet worn raw and nearly starved to death. The other dog was never found and no-one to this day will actually say what they think the sounds were from, but we all know what they were thinking, even if they won't say it out loud. A couple of born and bred bushmen that are too proud to say it out loud.

Sasquatch!!! "

ASSR Note:  The splashing was more than likely, the animal throwing forest debris into the water. [refer to Part VI Sasquatch Behavior: Responses to Humans,.. of Wildlife Biologist Dr. John Bindernagels 1st Book, N.A. Great Ape the Sasquatch.