Alberta Sasquatch 
Sighting Reports

North Saskatchewan River
(Bighorn Dam)

This picture is immediately down stream from the Bighorn power dam and in the direction of the Bighorn Dam sighting of 1969. The ridge in view is where 5 construction workers reported the Sasquatch sighting.


The  ASSR  has assisted  with research.

The ASSR has experience in photo identification, and has actually photo identified Sasquatch  here in Alberta.
 [This ASSR website was uploaded to the www. by a group of individuals who specialize in wildlife anatomy as an  occupation.]

Examining report locations, collecting hair and feces samples,  & camera setups has a past here in Alberta.

Research of any kind is very slow in this field.

There was a project launched south of the Border, in the USA (approx: 2005), this project is to have collected some of the best photo evidence to date (close up facials looking into the camera and laying in a nest/bed type pics). This project has yet to release any of there research.

Other research now has footage on thermal imaging.