Two Alberta Taxidermists


It was fall 2010 when two Alberta taxidermists (Edmonton and Rocky Mountain House) found a tip, which was passed to Derek Randles of the Olympic Project. 

March 30 2011 after Adrian Erickson phoned Dr Melba Ketchums DNA lab for the RMH Taxidermist, and confirmed the tip SAMPLE tested positive for Sasquatch. It was April 2011 when the RMH Taxidermist  over the phone told a ALBERTA DNA Lab owner about the forthcoming DNA Sequence and stated "your going to be able to say you heard it 1st".   Then beginning August 2011 in the start of what became a massive all in one email ending several meters deep, .. titled "Our next news update".   This email "Our next species" supplied the background info, monthly updates, later ending with the timely Feb 2013 HISTORICAL Public release of the above DNA Sequence. The extreme hours invested in the email was done so ALBERTA would not miss it, ... and they would have!

The above  Sasquatch DNA sequencing was started and funded by Alberta raised Adrian Erickson and the tip the two Alberta Taxidermists found became BEST SAMPLE in the Feb 2013 Publicly released 3 whole nuDNA , 20 whole mtDNA Sequence.

for the Alberta DNA lab owners new Sasquatch ad