"I haven't got any concrete evidence of anything, but I am convinced I saw one a couple years back.

I was working as a mechanic for a natural gas compression plant up in the Marten Hills North East of Slave Lake. I had headed into Slave Lake to get away from camp for a while, and to eat a decent meal at BPs with a co-worker. On our way back to site on the Marten Hills Road (operated by BP Canada), we were having fun spotting animals on the road as we drove in. We were counting the number of deer, bears, moose etc we'd come across when the both of us spotted deep red eyes glowing just inside the bush line about 10 or 12 feet off the ground. We slammed on the brakes (only travelling about 50 km/h due to the number of deer on the road), and quickly backed up / turned on the flood lights on the service rig.

In the second or so that it took to back up and illuminate the area, whatever it was had taken off. After waiting a few minutes (You get out, no you get out, no you get out!) we both walked to the edge of the road and spotted some large foot prints right where we had seen the eyes glowing. I am not a terribly experienced hunter, but the foot print definitely didn't look like anything I'd seen before. It looked a bit like foot prints someone would leave if walking on their toes, 6 distinct toe marks, and a pad the width of them immediately behind. I suppose it could have been a very large bear's print, but I did not see any marks from claws, and I've never seen an animal who's eyes glowed red like that."

Posted on a Alberta hunting forum, - 2009 and quoted from: